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    Prior to your first session, I will send you releases and paperwork for you to complete. Your first session will be about 50-75 minutes to get to know each other, discuss goals and expectations and develop a plan. This session will be a little longer so I can get a full understanding of your needs and how I can help. Every session after will be 50 minutes, and I recommend in the beginning we meet once a week at first to keep up the momentum. Payment is collected at the end of each session.

    Maybe you’ve seen therapy on TV and it appears to involve laying on a stranger’s couch and crying. You may think that I’ll sit across from you and mutter “I see” and “how does that make you feel?” while I write in a notebook.

    That’s not what’s going to happen. You know why you’re here. I know how to help you. It’s that simple. We may talk about the big things you thought you weren’t comfortable enough to share. We may talk about frustrations at work or in your relationships. We may talk about how you just feel “off.” In session, you’re guiding the conversation.

    You can choose telehealth or in person services. In telehealth services, you will receive a link to a HIPAA compliant platform either to your phone or email. At the start of session, you will click the link and enter a waiting room. When it is time, I’ll admit you into our session and we will be able to video chat just like we would in a therapy office. It is important that the space you are doing telehealth therapy is confidential and free from interruptions. You will need a camera and microphone either on your laptop or cell phone. In-person sessions will occur in my office.

    Therapy for Anxiety

    Anxiety can be a struggle to manage and overcome. At moments it seems like it is all consuming. At other times, it can feel like you don't even recognize the anxious person. It can rule your life in ways that you may not even recognize. My practice offers the most effective forms of treatment, to get the relief from anxiety that you deserve.

    Therapy for Depression

    Are you feeling hopeless, isolated and not your usual self? Is this more than just feeling sad? I always tell clients depression is like you are living in a fog. Things you used to find enjoyable, don't bring you joy anymore. Things you used to do seem so hard right now. You want to cry or you feel numb. I am here to help you walk through your depression and find ways to manage it so it doesn't take over your life.

    Therapy for Trauma

    You may not identify what you went through as trauma or maybe you know deep down what happened was not right. You may be thinking about it more than you would like or notice that you feel like you are reliving it. The support, guidance, and assistance of a therapist is fundamental to healing from trauma.

    Therapy for Personal Addiction

    More often than not, drug addictions start with experimental use of a drug in social situations. You never thought this would become a problem and impact your life in the way it has.

    Therapy for Pre-Teens and Teens

    Are you wondering why your sweet child is behaving so differently? Does your son or daughter appear sad, withdrawn, or angry? Are you feeling unheard by your parents, teachers, and friends? Adolescence is such an important time for development, but can be challenging to navigate both as a teen and as a parent to a teen. I can offer a safe space for teens to talk about what they are going through and help resolve some of the conflict in your home.

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